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ginger and health
What is ginger?

Ginger is a native plant from tropical Asia. Ginger is cultivated in many places in China, Guatemala, India, Japan and Nigeria and Jamaica.

Ginger is one remaining plant with a straight stalk with white flowers bloom, funded in part by a creeping, articulated carrot growing the way up.

Ginger has been known for thousands of years in China and India to use for its medicinal properties. The ginger plant was also known at the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Between the tenth and the fifteenth century, ginger is brought by the Arabs to Europe, a long time later, ginger is brought by the Spaniards to South America.

Ginger is good for your stomach, spleen and intestines

Ginger is extremely good for a good digestion and the burning of calories. With ginger building blocks you get more out of your diet. That is because of the substance zingibain.

There is, among others Danish research and applications no substance on earth that such powerful protein digest enzymes contain as the zingibain.

Ginger is debugging and works analgesic. Ginger is an antioxidant, ginger is antiseptic, mucus solvent, relaxing, stimulating, detoxificationed, takes also care of fresh breath.
Ginger is also good against influenza, colds, stomatitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, blood clots, headaches, migraines, nausea, fever, bowel symptoms, diarrhea, menstruatiepijn, impotence.
In ginger are many medicinal active substances. Ginger contains gingerol, lineol, borneol, zingibain. Zingibereen, zingiberol, pheilandreen and shogaol.

In gingerpowder is also specifically shogaol. A total of 17 medicinal substances are workable in ginger.

Dry fresh ginger, heat it and serve it as gingerol into shogaol. Both gingerol as shogaol work analgesic. Chemistry seems this material on aspirin.

Ginger as a panacea for everyday diseases

According to scientist and prominent Herbs expert Dr.Stephen Fulder there is no better tool for everyday disease combat than ginger. He's even convinced that no other herb can replaced ginger when it comes to nausea and vomiting.

For example, a study in the Bartholomew's Hospital in London showed that ginger is the ideal tool for nausea to prevent patients who added from the anesthesia after surgery.

If you suffer from travel or sea sickness, take half an hour before departure 1 gram of dried ginger, During the trip chew over small pieces of ginger. According Fulder, the journey is a lot more pleasant.

Last of painful joints or muscles? Mix one part gingerjuice with 5 parts sezamovega olja and rub the painfull spots agreed. You can also use the oil to ear pain. Ttwo drops in a tuft of cotton to attract both in the ear to apply.

For problems with the respiratory tract can be used a ginger bag: do 100 grams very fine pieces of ginger in a linen or cotton bag tied together. Put this in a large scale hot water of about 70 degrees C. Keep this under the water level till the water yellow discolours (you may possibly slightly warmer water). Dip a towel in the solution and explain it as hot as possible on the chest.
When the liquid cool of heat it again. The skin becomes red and the blood circulation in that area is stimulated.

In the same way, you can work with pain, swelling and inflammation.

In order to promote sweating, moderate fever and a tame colds or flu forced expulsion, a ginger juice can be made: rasp a piece of fresh ginger (about 1 gram) over a water glass. Add the juice of half a lemon, fill the glass with hot water and sweet even more with a little honey.
But even if you are in a good health, ginger is very good for you. Take apple-ginger jam: boil 1 kilo sugar in 1 litre of water, add 1 kg peeled apples and sliced in to small pieces (without cores) and 50 grams of grated gingercarrots. Put the jam on a low flame until it is clear the jam and then pour into jars. It taste delicious....

All kinds of ginger is for sale at supermarkets, toko and reformhuis.

Ginger as a tool against ovarian cancer

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - Ginger is already known for its medicinal properties. In new research shows that ginger is good for women with ovarian suffering. Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that ginger kills cancer cells.

The researchers used ginger equal to the powder you can buy in the supermarket. Through a solution brought it to ovarian cancer cells. In all cases the test cancer cells didn't survived.

British cancer experts tell us that ginger in the future could constitute a component of a new drug, but that further investigation is necessary.

However, the results of the study is encouraging. The way in which the cancer cells died in the survey offer hope. Normally the affected cells are imune over time to the standard chemoradiation. With the use of ginger this is not happening.

Ginger and nutrition

Fresh gingercarrots need solid, smooth and free from fungus. Prefer to buy larger pieces, which are the easiest for grating.

Fresh ginger continues for two weeks well in the refrigerator. Gingerpowder save the best in a closed box, cool, dark and dry.

Break off a piece of fresh ginger, peel and rasp with a fine rasp of bamboo or metal. The rasp gingercarrot you can add to marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces, meat, poultry, broths or soups. Also you can make jam or cakes with ginger spices. Ginger fits perfectly with bananas and apples. The taste of ginger remains the best if you add it at the end of cooking. If you coke ginger the flavor become less strong.

Ginger and massage

A warm massage is delicious and occasionally even very exciting. A stimulant for the blood circulation and remove blockages. Massage the bottom of the back, around the navel and in the vicinity of the kidney. Warm a few drops of sesame-arnica or massage with some ginger. The warm oil penetrates rapidly and provides more warmth.