You take responsibility for your own health? You also take care for your own body and your mind? Live a healthy life? Are you aware of your own influence on the length of your life? Every day you make choices effecting your health. It's never too late to start a healthier lifestyle. Start today, do not wait until tomorrow! The sooner you start, the sooner you reduce the recommended risk on heartdisease and cancer. You have a lot of impact on your own life expectancy. Many disorders and diseases are the results of your own choices.

You can reduce the risk of mortality from various diseases by a healthy lifestyle as much as 34 percent. This is evidenced by an examination of the World Cancer Research Fund in the area of diet and lifestyle.
10 recommendations are formulated for nutrition and lifestyle to get a lower risk of getting cancer, in particular recommendations on body weight, exercise, diet and drinks that contribute to weight gain, plant foods, meat, alcohol and (specifically for women) breastfeeding.

Enough sleep, relaxation, healthy nutrition, exercises are elements of healthy ageing. Smoking and overweight is not done, only eat as much as your body consumed. On ths webpage you find information to a more vital and longer healthier life.

Who doesn't want to grow old in a healthy way!

Who doesn't want to grow old in a healthy way!
Aim for a healthy body.
Invest in yourself with money, effort and energy.
A healthy future is not self-evident!

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Take care of yourself preventive:

  • moving regularly: become more active to reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke; more healthhandmoving
  • prevention and treatment of the womens health during perimenonopause and menopause;;
  • prevent overweight: a good management of your weight;
  • pay attention of good and bad cholesterol;
  • prevent on and to recognise new healths dangers;
  • to eat more healthily food;
  • have a good night's rest;
  • stay away from lusts as smoking, drugs use, alcoholism;
  • decrease of stress.
  • look after the right personal care
    And take care for healthy and shining hair.

Healthy food, play sports, will give you a long healthy and better quality life, the appearance of flaws, attacks and diseases. Your heart and arteries are very thankfull to you.

Regular investigation through a doctor stays necessary.

Think of the possibility to become a blood donor, anyhow you get free control of your blood.

Chinese life wisdom: He who laughs and pleasant is, remains young; anger and bitterness accelerate old age.

To stay healthy you need to eat well. You feel more comfortable, better about yourself and your concentration increases if you eat healthy food. By eating healthy foods youi can prevent from serious and minor ailments and illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and certain allergies may occur. Food is for everyone, young and old, important because good nutricion ensures that we stay alive and live in good health.
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People with healthy habits are at a reduced risk of memory complaints, according to a new study carried out by UCLA researchers. Healthy eating, not smoking, and regular exercise were linked to better self-perceived memory abilities. Read more

Forever young: The pill that will keep you youthful by preventing the ills of old age

Mail online 11th June 2011: A ‘forever young’ drug that allows people to grow old gracefully could be available in just ten years, a leading scientist said last night.

Professor Linda Partridge, an expert in the genetics of ageing, said that the science is moving so quickly that it will soon be possible to prevent many of the ills of old age.

By taking a pill a day from middle-age, we will grow old free from illnesses of the body and mind such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

People could work for longer – or simply make the most of their retirement. Some research even suggests skin and hair will retain its youthful lustre.

Professor Partridge, of University College London, said: ‘I would be surprised if there weren’t things within ten years. If told you could take a drug that has minimal side-effects and that’s going to keep you healthy for another five or ten years and then you’ll drop off your perch without disability, most people would want it.’

Extraordinary as the professor’s prediction may seem, it is based on a host of promising scientific studies from around the world.

They have discovered key genes linked to longevity and health – and found ways of tinkering with them, at least in animals.

Read more:

30 minutes move.

2008 Do you move 30 minutes a day? Why should I? Move is healthy and amusing, it is relaxing and you meets men!
Be fitter, go more energetic and more cheerfully through the life?

Ride a bicycle each day for 30 minutes, walk, play a sport or dance! In one time 30 minutes, two turn 15 minutes or three turn 10 minutes, at least 5 minutes behind each other. Make of 30 minutes move no point.

It is never too late to live healthier!

2007 Also on high age healthier life can be an important purchase mean of the risks on for instance heart attack or diabetes. This appeared from a study in the United Kingdom.

According to the researchers under leadership of the Physician Goya Wannamethee of the Royal Free and University Class Medical Hid in Rewarded healthier life with olds has a demonstrable effect.

It is according to them to move more, to lose weight, to stop smoking and to eat more healthily. The research results have been published in the American Journal of the American Geriatics Society.

Heart and vascular diseases are not longer cause of death number one

2006 Heart and vascular diseases are not longer cause of death number one under men. Last year more people died at cancer then at heart and vascular diseases. This is reported by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

As causes for the less number of heart and vascular diseases, the Foundation names the many improved attending methods and more attention for prevention.

In 2030, men become 100 year!

STANFORD - 25 year from now men in the most industrialized lands will become average 100 year instead of the 80 as now is the case.

This is the meaning of Shripad Tuljapurkar, a researcher of the American Stanford university.

Advancing technology by the fighting of aging and the treatment of diseases as cancer will forced up the average age, thinks Tuljapurkar.
The work of Tuljapurkar becomes uses in the U.S. to make models for the future social development.